If you’ve landed here, then we’re probably separated by less than 3 degrees.

And in that case, it probably also means you’re close to being as crazy as we are. (It’s nice to be understood.)

Right now, GiggleBake is in start-up Start-up mode. No, we don’t stutter. We’re exploring the world of options open to us – or looking for the first door to slam in our faces. (We’ve heard all those successful people out there started out that way, so we’ll take that as a good sign.)

But let’s get down to what you came for. The Goods. (are we right?)  So, if you’d like:

(a) To be “in the know” about GiggleBake’s plans, scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up for the GiggleBake Insider newsletters (by the way, we’ll use to contact you ONLY about GiggleBake news – because really, does anything else matter?)

(b) To add your two-cents, brilliant suggestions, or peanut gallery comments to the part, post your comment at the bottom of the blog post.

(c) To find out how to get your grubby little hands on some GiggleBake goodies, email us at GiggleBake@gmail.com.  Because yes, Virginia, it is possible to get your hands on some of those fabulous (if we do say so ourselves) treats that your friends told you about. (We won’t go so far as to assume they shared them with you, but you could tell them if they were “real friends…..” – well, we’ll leave that between you guys) .

And D — (because there should always be a D) –  share, share, share.

If you’re on social media — post a link to this post so your friends and random casual acquaintances that are still connected to your social media personas because hey, it just seems rude to cut them out of your life entirely because every once in awhile they post a great cartoon (taking a deep breath here) — can learn about GiggleBake and become part of the peanut gallery, too.

If you’re not wasting your life away frittering around on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or, well, you know what we’re saying — then you are more than welcome to tell actual, live, breathing human beings about GiggleBake . . . and you might even mention there’s a good chance some lucky friends of friends of friends might be nominated for GiggleBake Scholarships, One-Offs, or other ridiculously outrageous ideas we may have from time to time. (But there will always and forever be the Original GiggleBake 10.)

And most important of all: POST – YOUR – THOUGHTS in the comment section!

(see that exclamation point? it’s the only one we used in this post. just shoring it up with a bit of emphasis here.) Because we know most of you reading this have some p-r-e-t-t-y n-u-t-t-y i-d-e-a-s t-o-o. We think we’ll get along together just fine.

The point is – we’re taking the next weeks to poll like we’re running for a major political office (hey, there’s an idea!) – to see what sticks to the wall and what we should maybe wipe off and re-think. The one thing we do know is that insanity is a lot more fun when it’s a group experience.

There’s a reason we’re named GiggleBake. Because if it isn’t going to include food and fun, we’re outta here.