“Gigglebake did it again! Another beautiful boxful of decadent goodies! Even a special giggle wand is included. Those gigglebakers really outdid themselves. What could possibly be next?!”

Denise M

“My new GiggleBake package arrived on Friday, and it was a beauty! The Cowboy Syrup came really handy, when I made dessert for our dinner guests, last night…so good with sliced bananas, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream! (I would have taken the suggestion to put the brownies on the dessert, but alas, somehow, they all disappeared! They were downright SINful!) The Zolts! are fantastic,and the coffee cake was like something from heaven -perfect pairing with the exquisite coffee! It was all so decadent (in a Wyoming sort of way)!!”

Susie J

“YAHOO!!! This treat package made my day. Love the design, super elegant, modern. Love, love the treats and can’t wait to see what’s next. How did you know my new year’s resolution was to eat more sweets, and the best treats to boot?? Gigglebake is inside my head. Can’t wait for the next treat package!!”

Bern A

“As a bee keeper this box struck a chord in me! It is so refreshing to get a gift box with so much heart and soul! It never fails to delight! Thank you Giggle Bake for putting together happy surprises that are both sweet and intelligent!! Buzz buzz!”

Heather T

“O.k. GiggleBake, do you ever sleep??? You get even more creative each month. LOVE the Earth Day theme. I too plant lots of options in my garden for all the pollinators. I can’t wait to see what pops up from the seeds that arrived in my box…

I love the “seed and nut” theme. And the honey from Vermont in honor of your home state. Everything is so delicious!!!
One of the fun parts about the arrival of the box each month is that my Cocker Spaniel gets so excited while opening the new months surprise. He insists on getting his nose right in there to inspect all the fun treats…

The packaging alone is visually appealing and then the tasty contents are “eyes roll back in your head” delicious!!!’

Rische F.