You’ve probably been thinking, “Hey! I should be hearing more about GiggleBake by now!” And you’d be right. (it’s like we’re sympatico, huh?) Even though it’s been only 13 days since our original “We’re alive!” post, those days have been filled with some crazy enthusiasm about the feedback we’ve received from the GiggleBake10.

(To reiterate, GiggleBake is finally taking the leap from “if I don’t bake something, that laptop is going out the window!” to “so why AREN’T we doing this all the time, again?” We are in the process of forming our plan to giggle and make the world giggle with us. To aid us in our quest, we selected the original GiggleBake10 – friends found in strategic locations around the country – as our Beta-group. Their mission (which they all accepted) is: to sample, share, and spread the GiggleBake news. And if they don’t, no more Giggles for them!)

Chocolate goodness from GiggleBake

Preparing the first GiggleBake shipment

The comments we’ve received have been awesome as our GB10’ers have been quite ambitious about getting the word out to friends and family about the unique package of sweetness that arrived unexpectedly in their mailbox last month. Many have been fabulous about posting comments on our first blog post and our Facebook page and we’ve already made some new friends! All we have to say about that is: Keep it rolling! Obviously, the more you can help us tell the world about GiggleBake, the faster we’ll be able to pedal – and bake – and chuckle (which is the whole point, although sometimes it does make us fall over when we do them all at once).

So what’s next, you ask? (You did ask, right?) We’re kicking around a handful of ideas that will form the GiggleBake Philosophy and the GiggleBake Plan. Basically, this is the starting point of what matters to us:

  1. Using our powers for good.
  2. Eliciting giggles and delight from recipients. (a lot like Bentley responded to his Bark Box)
  3. Products and a system so scrumptious our customers will be our best reps.
  4. Giving back & sharing the love with “you just made my day” moments.
  5. Being the alternative to, well, not giggling (at least about baked gift-giving).
  6. Keeping it all going by getting the bills paid. (thunk. the down-to-earth moment.)

About #6 – basically, if we could bake all day and just give the results away, we would. But Powerball being so predictably unpredictable, we haven’t been able to achieve that luxury (although we do think it would make an awesome Kickstarter project).

In the meantime, we move forward with (drum roll, please)  “The Plan” for GiggleBake as it presently exists in our funny little brains (but always in motion is the future, y’know).

  1. We are not your typical online bakery. (we’re really not your ‘typical’ anything, but that’s another story.)
  2. It all starts with “The GiggleBake Box.” A one-off, gift, or monthly subscription-based collection of undeniably delicious goodness. (Yes – we do believe dessert should come first.)  
  3. What’s in The GiggleBake Box? Every month will be something new and different. Maybe it’s seasonal, maybe it’s our latest creation or passion, but all will be scrumptious with but one goal in their special little lives: To put a delicious smile on the face of whoever opens the box.
  4. How does The GiggleBake Box work? In our current Beta state, we’re taking the next 6 months to test and refine, then test and refine again, and again, and…..well you get the picture. We’ll be changing up the contents, the packaging, the concept – the whole ball of wax (and no, we’re not sending balls of wax, unless we can shape them like big red lips and make them tasty) – all based on the responses and feedback we receive from the GiggleBake10, our ever-growing fan base, and whatever hair-brained idea we came up with in our sleep last night. Ever wanted to have a say in how a business does business? This is your chance. We want to hear it all!
  5. Really, really like what you received in the latest box – or with what a GiggleBake10-er shared with you? You can order more! Each month, we’ll post the current month’s items on our website for re-ordering – or you can gift it to someone you’d just like to bring a giggle to. The menu will always be rotating based on the current month’s selections.
  6. BUT . . . Right now in Beta mode, we’re accepting limited orders from GiggleBake10 referrals only. The great part is for the time being (and subject to change without notice)what’s IN The GiggleBake Box is free… only need to pay for the shipping and handling. (only to the U.S. lower 48)  Soon, we’ll have that opportunity available on our website. (there’s only so many hours in a day, folks)

Vermont Snowballs

Vermont Snowballs for the original GiggleBake10 shipment


And that is where it begins. We have a lot of great ideas about where to take GiggleBake – but the point of this post is to help answer some of the many questions coming our way right now.

Curious about what’s coming up in future posts? Think GiggleBake scholarships, deserving recipient nominations, loyalty referral rewards, “hey, try this recipe!” contests, product partnerships, corporate gifting, our ingredients promise, pricing, and much more.

If you haven’t signed up yet for the GiggleBake Insider newsletter, er…’re probably going to want to do that. Just click here – and don’t forget to include your mailing address…..because you just never know when a GiggleBake goodie might find its way to you!

And now, boys and girls — it’s question and answer time! You ask……we’ll answer. Let’s get started!