Harvesting Human Kindness Post-Harvey

Have to say something about Harvey. Right now there is catastrophic flooding all over the globe from Mumbai to Ireland to the Gulf Coast. Please do what you can and let’s all try to be just a little kinder to each other, animals and the planet. It all helps. And...

The Best of Intentions

You know what they say about those, right? Well, it seems that we ran smack-dab up against that particular wall recently. But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me ‘splain. When we began our GiggleBake Experiment beta program at the beginning of this...

The GiggleBake Plan Unfolds

You’ve probably been thinking, “Hey! I should be hearing more about GiggleBake by now!” And you’d be right. (it’s like we’re sympatico, huh?) Even though it’s been only 13 days since our original “We’re alive!” post, those days have been filled with some crazy enthusiasm about the feedback we’ve received from the GiggleBake10.

(To reiterate, GiggleBake is finally taking the leap from “if I don’t bake something, that laptop is going out the window!” to …

Well, hi there!

If you’ve landed here, then we’re probably separated by less than 3 degrees.

And in that case, it probably also means you’re close to being as crazy as we are. (It’s nice to be understood.)

Right now, GiggleBake is in start-up Start-up mode. No, we don’t stutter. We’re exploring the world of options open to us – or looking for the first door to slam in our faces. (We’ve heard all those successful people out there started out that way, so we’ll take that as a good sign.)

But let’s get down to what you came for. The Goods. (are we right?) So, if you’d like: