Shipping Man

I’d like to say that post title is an acronym for a secret baking spy organization or something more mysterious than what it actually is – which is basically my acknowledgement (with emphasis) that my time-juggling skills are just not what they used to be. (In case you haven’t guessed by now, I’m referring to the connection to my fellow Gigglers.)

The good news is that <insert applause here> The GiggleBake Plan remains in motion! That’s not to say there’s any bad news. Well, maybe a little – in that our GiggleBake10’ers are impatiently tapping their toes in anticipation of the next shipment (which . . . heh, heh, heh . . . is the whole idea). But everyone can sleep better tonight knowing that oh yes, you will be hearing from us soon.

The fly in our ointment, so to speak (since we neither will be sending out ointment or flies in the future) is that one of the three main pillars of the GiggleBake philosophy is this: Presentation. And you know, you can’t just toss a cream puff into an envelope and mail it across the country (a sad commentary on the state of our postal system, to be sure – but nonetheless . . .). So these past weeks have been spent strategizing, testing, researching, and seeking solutions to that dilemma. And after all that, I am here to confidently state that: You still can’t just toss a cream puff into an envelope and mail it across the country.

(Did you remember what the other two pillars are?  Just to see if you’re paying attention, feel free to post your guesses in the comments.)

The problem, of course, is one of time, distance, and weather. Hand-delivery certainly makes it easier to bestow our more delicate confections upon the recipients. But since we don’t have that particular luxury just yet (personal jet-delivery via concierge is sort of down there on the list of the budget line items) – we find it necessary to think a bit more strategically than our usual “Screw this computer, I’m going to go bake something!” approach.

And that is why you are reading this post now, rather than digging into your next delivery of OMYGODIMSOHAPPYITSGIGGLEBAKEPACKAGEDAY! Forgive us – we have this whole OCD-thing about ‘getting it right.’

On that note, we’re going to get wack to bork to make sure that March does include the GiggleBake Wave of Happiness – for our GB10’ers (and a few of those who were smart enough to share their mail address with us when they signed up for this newsletter, too).

Stick with us, folks……you’re going to be glad you did.

P.S. By the way – dear Cuz in California – you need to update your subscription with your address, too! Just click here. (and anyone else who wants to make sure we have theirs)