You’re probably wondering what on earth the GiggleBake10 is, right? (you know that’s why you clicked on this page)

So, we’ll tell you!

They’re  our GiggleBake Beta Program. 10 households across the country consisting of friends who have been on the receiving end of pre-GiggleBake goodies in the past. And also among those we’ve referred to elsewhere that uttered one-too-many-times “you should do this for a living!” We took them at their word. And for the months of January through June, 2016 – they’ll each be receiving a GiggleBake Box filled with (what we hope they find to be) tasty, treaty fun.

The first GB10 packages ready to go

The first GB10 packages ready to go


Every one of them has received their mission statement and accepted the challenge. What does that mean? They’ll be adding a touch of giggles and good cheer to the lives of their friends and family by sharing their GiggleBake goodies and spreading the news that there’s a new group of chuckleheads in town (or online, anyway).

We’re hoping they’ll start sharing photos of themselves while carrying out their GiggleBake mission – so we can post their photos here. (So far, they’re all choosing anonymity . . . either that, or they’re too overwhelmed with giggles from receiving their latest GiggleBake Box!)

So if you’ve found us through the word-of-mouth from our GB10……welcome! We’re mighty glad to see ya!